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The cooling program is based upon funding by the Federal Government and extreme temperatures. It is not guaranteed that we will have a cooling program every summer. If cooling funds are available, the information will be on the radio, TV, and in the newspapers.

They are based on the number of people in your household, your household’s 30-day income prior to your application date, and what you use to heat your home. They are not based on a household’s bills. The payment levels are set each program year by the State. The largest portion of our payment goes toward the utility that heats your home.

YES! Most utility companies will not credit your account until they have received our check. Payment to your utility companies could be another 15 days after our notification so it is important that you continue to pay your bill. If you need to make payment arrangements you must do this by calling your utility company directly. When our payment is received, it will appear on your utility bill.

You should receive written notice within 30 days of the application complete date (the date which all required information has been

The LIHEAP application period begins on October 1st and runs through May 31st. The time period in which applications are accepted is always dependent upon funding and State regulations. The final date in which applications are accepted can vary from year to year. Our offices begin taking applications the first of October each year. October and November are considered priority months. During the priority months applications will only be approved for income eligible households who have an elderly member (age 60 and above) or a disabled member who is receiving government disability benefits or households that are disconnected from their gas or electric service. Any home with a child under the age of 6 can apply Nov 1st, all other households may begin applying December 1st. Appointments are scheduled through the local county Western Egyptian Outreach Offices. You may apply and receive regular benefits one time during the program year state-wide.

You will receive a letter in the mail from Springfield telling you why the application was denied. If your application is denied because something was missing from the file, you have 30 days from the application date to provide our office with the missing information. When this is done, the application is then re-processed and a new letter will be sent to you. If you do not provide the information in the 30-day time frame you will have to re-apply with the Outreach Office. If your household is denied because you made too much money in the 30-day time frame period, you can re-apply by contacting the Outreach Office if your household circumstances have changed and the income will be figured on a different 30-day time period.

Your application and documentation are entered onto the state system within 30 days of your application complete date (the date which all required information has been collected). Your status letter is mailed to you directly from Springfield. Approved  applications are then ready to be processed for payment, which could take up to 15 days. They will be paid in the order in which they are processed when we have the funds from the State to make the payments. If you are expecting to be disconnected or are currently disconnected this payment cannot guarantee that you will be reconnected. There may be an additional portion of the bill that needs to be paid by you.

All applications are sent to the administrative office in Sparta, here they are processed by the date they are complete in the order in which they are received. All information is checked to see that the application is complete and correct. Sometimes during this  process it may be necessary to collect additional information from you. No further action will be taken with your application until  all the required documentation is received at the administrative office in Sparta by the date it is due. No application will receive priority over another.

All applications are taken at the Western Egyptian Outreach office in the county which you reside. Call to make an appointment:

Jackson County: 618.684.3341
Monroe County: 618.939.8715
Perry County: 618.542.4656
Randolph County: 618.443.5231

For information on where you can apply or for more information on the program, call your local outreach office.

Jackson County: 618.684.3341
Monroe County: 618.939.8715
Perry County: 618.542.4656
Randolph County: 618.443.5231

Your application is good for one year. The work will be done within that time period if funding is available. Therefore, some eligible households may not receive weatherization assistance during the program year in which they applied.



Not necessarily. A technician will perform a series of tests to help determine the condition of the heating system. In the event that a replacement furnace is not feasible, then the system will be cleaned and tuned.

Not necessarily. These. measures are done last and are not viewed as an effective energy measure as air sealing or insulation.

A certified technician will record all the required structural information about your house and will then use a computerized energy audit program that tells what weatherization measures will be most cost effective for your dwelling.

It means that the program’s goal is to serve those households that have the lowest incomes, together with the highest energy burdens. Income eligible households with high heating bills, in relation to income, and those containing elderly members (60 and over) with a disability or young children (5 years of age or below) will be given priority and weatherization services first. Non-priority, income-eligible households will be served if funding is available. Therefore, some eligible households may not receive weatherization assistance during the program year in which they applied.

Savings vary across the state according to the weather and/or cost of fuel in that locality. An energy savings study done in 1988 showed an average statewide savings of 25%.

Due to the cost of these repairs, the weatherization program cannot replace roofs, siding or plumbing. Weatherization’s focus is to perform energy saving improvements-not structural repair.

The work performed will include those measures that will save the most energy within the budget available. Work to be done is determined by the results of a computerized energy analysis of the structure.

Your landlord must agree to pay a portion of the weatherization cost before your house can be qualified for any weatherization work.

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If you draw SSI, disability you can sign up on October 1st. Contact the office in your county.

If you have a child living in your home under the age of 6, you can sign up November 1st. Call the office in your county.

If you are over the age of 60 you can sign up for energy assistance beginning October 1. Call your counties office to sign up.